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Our Philosophy

About Yishion

Our Philosophy

“YISHION is a play on the word “fashion”, because fashion is a fun way of personal expression! We strive to bring out the inner fashionista in everyone through our variety of apparels. Caring is sharing; YISHION frequently shares the latest fashion tricks and tips and adopts “SHARE-IN” as our DNA. “SHARE-IN” is our effort to create a community for fans to share with us and others their love for fashion. If that’s you, join our membership programme and tag us on your latest fashion exploits on Instagram or Facebook!

Find out more about what we stand for:


What should I wear today? We hope to inspire and excite people when this simple question pops into mind. Fashion is a tool for creativity, and there’s so much fun when you know how to use it right. Let us and our community lead you in seeking the latest trends and show you how much happiness fashion can bring into your life!




Casual dresses, elegant outfits, colourful T-shirts and lover of all things denim - which are you more inclined towards? In a sea of various occasions, occupations, personalities and preferences, we believe everyone has a different approach towards fashion. However, whatever the approach, fashion can be part of your day-to-day. That’s why we offer a variety of styles at affordable prices to serve your needs and wants, whatever they may be. New collections are available in-store every few weeks, so you’ll always find something at Yishion.




If you worry about running out of ideas to mix and match your outfits, we’re there for you! YISHION’s SHARE-IN community comprising of passionate fashionistas like you will serve to inspire your next outfit. Join our family and dress to impress!