3 Matching Outfits Ideas To Twin With Your Bestie

Double Trouble

“Twinning” (noun): Not referring to literal biological twins, but applied to both girls (and guys) in similar or matching outfits.

What was once widely recognised as a (mortifying!) fashion faux pas, especially for women, has now become almost a deliberate, conscious decision amongst many. This unspoken social etiquette of wearing the same ‘fit was a huge no-no until it was popularised by pop culture.

Cast of Mean GirlsCredits: Paramount Pictures

Matching colours on Wednesdays? That’s so fetch. Even Jared Leto twinned with Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele during the recent Met Gala.

And by “twin”, I meant, full-on doppelgänger! Both donned the exact same styling and wore matching cream-colored Gucci tuxedos. The question is, how do you dress in sync with your bestie without looking like you’re living in a ‘Mean Girls’ movie scene? Well, here are some tips from YISHION for matching with your better half.

 1. Black & White


Lapel Collar Long Sleeves Cropped Shirt With Cordstrings
Pleated Mini Skirt with Safety Pin and Chain Detail (Black)
Basic Woven Dress With Pleated Skirt 20s Style

If the ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ situation isn't really your thing, don’t worry. Black and White is a great alternative for twinning looks! While these colours are definitely not as loud, they still make a bold statement nevertheless.

Opt for a matching silhouette and/or material if possible! In this case, the high-waisted pleated skirt complements the woven dress perfectly. Remember, your goal isn’t to make it look like a head-to-toe uniform.

Don’t you just love the details on this pairing?

While white shirts are usually associated with being workwear staples, this shirt is the “fun weekend” alternative. It basically has all the important aspects of a white office shirt, but with added features like self-tie strings to help you show a little bit of skin! As for the skirt - pockets. Need I say more?

 2. Prints & Patterns 

Puff Sleeves Woven Dress Shirred Bodice with Hearts All Over Print (White/Black)

Ditsy florals, plaids or checkered - You name it, we’ve got it! Prints and patterns are another great way to match with your gal pals.

Not only are these prints and patterns fun, there are also various ways of interpreting and expressing yourself through them. See what quirky combinations you and your BFFs can come up with!  

 3. Colours 

 Cropped T-Shirt with All Over Water Marks Print

While this ‘fit may not exactly look ‘matchy’ at first glance, you’ll realise that there’s actually more to it - colours!

For this tip, learn to play with the colour palette. The colours don’t have to be the exact same shade, but cohesiveness will help elevate your look, making it much more aesthetically pleasing.

While a similar silhouette is no longer an essential when using colours, you can still use matching materials such as denims to further elevate your look.

Woven Shorts with Folded Hems (White)
High Waisted Duo Buttoned Woven Shorts with Diamond Details (White)


Sameness is a form of bonding.


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