3 Outfit Ideas Inspired by the Latest K-Drama Male Leads

Song Joong-ki, Lee Je-hoon, Lee Do-hyun — All these hottest actors have two things in common: dashingly good looks, and incredible sense of style to boot. K-drama male leads are known to dress well, but that’s because they have a whole team behind them - from hair and makeup, to clothes (and sponsors). The good news is that even without their budget, you can achieve their style as well! 

Here are some tips from Yishion for you to be the star (or oppa) of your own show.




1. Vincenzo - Vincenzo Cassano’s dressed down look


Credits: tvN

While the mafia member is dressed in his impeccably tailored limited edition ‘Booralro’ suits most of the time, you need to admit that he looks equally chic in his dressed down casualsHis relaxed fits comprises of softer fabrics and slouchier cuts in a variety of bomber jackets, knitwears, and windbreakers.



Credits: tvN

The key to this particular date outfit is a monochromatic look and layering. The vibrant blue knitted sweater acts as a statement piece and the stylish mafia layered on a navy blue coat. No wonder Hwang Min-Seong fell head over heels for "Tae Ho", we're crazy over him too!



Teebox Oversized Graffiti Sweatshirt

Teebox Oversized Graffiti Sweatshirt


Try this look with a more Singapore weather appropriate piece instead - the graphics on this sweatshirt will surely be the focal point in any conversations. To try Vincenzo’s layered look for yourself (without overheating), opt for a fake collar instead of a shirt.

With this striking sweatshirt, there's no need to throw on an outerwear to complete the look!



2. Move to Heaven – Cho Sang Gu’s Grungy Streetstyle Look

In the series, Cho Sang Gu’s does scruffy especially well. His style comprises a variety of effortlessly cool graphic tees, hoodies, pullovers and shirts worn as outerwears. This samchon's outfits are a perfect representation of his character - a scruffy bad-boy (who’s secretly good at heart).


The tip for this look is being mindful - there's a fine line between looking artfully scruffy and looking like a slob!



Oversized Black Button Up Shirt with Blue Label

Oversized Black Button Up Shirt with Blue Label

Scruff it up by looking for oversized fits – Cho Sang Gu prefers earthy tones like olive, black and grey. You can match the oversized tops with bottoms that are comfortable: loose jeans, cargo pants, or even joggers.

Optional - Getting a mullet to go with this scruffy aesthetic.



3. Youth of May - Hwang Hee-Tae’s Retro Preppy Look

Credits: Soompi

Nothing screams the 1980s more than Hwang Hee-Tae’s denim on denim look. His go-to outfits are a casual preppy style with a variety of basics, mainly shirts. Preppy look aren't only limited to students - his outfits are great for all ages and every occasion.

Credits: KBS

Hwang Hee-Tae might be a medical student, but that doesn't stop him from playing with bright colours. Bright colours like yellow might seem daunting to wear, so tone it down a notch by pairing it with a plain bottom.



Oversized Smiley Face Denim S/S Shirt

Oversized Smiley Face Denim S/S Shirt


To recreate the denim on denim trend, try this oversized denim shirt which comes with a little surprise - a smiley face motif! You can wear it with light-wash denim for that ultimate vintage look. Break up the denim with a tee layered underneath.

Invest in a good quality basic t-shirt - it will complement almost any type of outerwears and it'll look good on it's own too!


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