3 Ways To Style Sweaters This Christmas

Christmas — the season of soft, plush sweaters. This holiday season, discover the perfect sweater for the season, one that you'll wear long past the holidays. Update your sweater game with brings to you a wide selection of sweaters with different fits and colours. Regardless of whether you wish to purchase a new sweater or wear a current piece you have, here are three trendy ways to style sweaters to prepare for your holiday gatherings.

1. Sweater And Jeans

This combination of sweaters and jeans is probably the easiest to style, since jeans generally go well with many kinds of tops. The individual pieces (sweater + jeans) are also the most accessible to purchase. Since jeans provide a more rugged look due to its stiff texture, chunky dad sneakers or high-top sneakers pair better as footwear. The only downside of this combination of top, bottom and shoes? It may get warm for you. However, if you are spending the holidays in a colder climate, this sweater fit will be perfect.

TIP: While sweaters and jeans generally go well together, up your fit game by wearing a lighter wash jeans with a lighter coloured sweater, and wear darker wash jeans with a darker coloured sweater. 

 Solid Coloured Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Everyday Slogan Patch (White)Checkered V Neck Sweater With Rubber Crazy SloganSolid Colour Sweater with New and Unique Graphic Print (White)Solid Coloured Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with MN Fleece Patch (Heather Grey)

Looking for a pair of jeans? Fret not, YISHION has a selection of jeans for you to choose from.

Wide Leg Ombre Effect Denim TrousersLow Rise Straight Cut Denim Jeans Men (Black Grey)High Waist Denim Mom Jeans with Wash Off and Energy Slogan at WaistBasic Denim Slim Jeans with Visual Effect Never Stop Slogan Details (Blue)

2. Sweater and Joggers


The sweater and jogger combination is full of possibilities. If you prefer a more athleisure aesthetic, the sweater and jogger combination will be your favourite. If you want more fluid movement, a pair of joggers may be better than a pair of jeans. Due to the elastic waistband, joggers are more forgiving on a food baby than jeans as well. So if you’re planning on feasting, joggers may be a better choice!

TIP: Match your jogger colour to a colour on your sweater for a more cohesive look.

Oversized Cable Knitted Checkered Sweater with Ribbed Hems (Olive Green)Oversized Solid Colour Sweater with Snoopy Bonk Cartoon PrintOversized Colour-Block Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Small Chest and Sleeve Print (Dk. Grey)Solid Coloured Pullover Hoodie with Kangaroo Pockets and MOST Slogan Patch (Dk. Blue)


Differing in cut and colour, here are some of our joggers.

Casual Ribbed Knit Pants Elastic Waist Tie Front Wide Leg Sweater PantsSweatpants with Original Teebox Slogan (Black)High Waisted Solid Color Joggers with Loose Hole Details (Dark Grey)Joggers with Original Teebox Slogan (Navy Blue)


3. Sweater and Skirts

A trendy way to style sweaters is to pair them with a mini skirt. This silhouette provides a kitschy and fresher aesthetic, and is often paired with above ankle boots and/or long socks up to the knees. A plain coloured mini skirt is the easiest way to get started. If you’re looking for a more unique fit, you can opt for a chequered mini skirt which is also a trendy pattern to be wearing. 

With longer maxi skirts paired with sweaters, you get an edgier look with your outfit. Plus, you won’t need to worry as much about wardrobe malfunctions as compared to a mini skirt.

TIP: For more of that street style charm, add a ball cap to your look in a colour that matches the rest of your outfit.

Solid Colour Long Sleeve Sweater With Aggressive Future Slogan (Brown)Diamond Jacquard Pattern Knitted Sweater with Ribbed Hems (Pink)Solid Coloured Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Pop Ribbon Details and Poem Prints (Black)Solid Coloured Long Sleeve Pointelle Knit Sweater with Small Plush Ball Details (White)

Here are our mini-skirts and maxi-skirts that you’re sure to love:

Mini Solid Colour Pleated Skirt with Ruffle Hem and Buttoned DetailsCheck Pleated Mini Tennis SkirtHigh Waist Long Maxi Pleated Skirt with Slash Pocket Details (Black)High Waist Long Maxi Pleated Skirt with Slash Pocket Details (Brown)


At YISHION, we’ve got you covered for all the hottest and latest trends. 
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