3 Ways to Zhng Your #YishionOOTD This Tiger Year!
TEEBOX - All Over Tiger Head Print T-Shirt (White)
TEEBOX - Asymmetrical T-Shirt Dress with Tiger Graphic


New Year, New Clothes!

Chinese New Year is just weeks away, so what better way than to celebrate the occasion than with some jazzy new ‘fits. This is the season for all good things – from binging on delicious snacks (mind the calories!), to mahjong and angbaos! And also not forgetting, flaunting your best #OOTD shots.

While your CNY outfit remains the star of the show, it also takes a good pose for that ultimate #OOTD shot. Celebrate new beginnings with these tips and tricks from YISHION to zhng up that #YishionOOTD of yours.




TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" Tiger with Scratch Marks Graphic (Oriental Red)


To avoid that awkward “what do I do with my hands” moment, one of the best solutions is to grab a prop. You can use anything ranging from a cushion, to even an umbrella. Get as creative as you like! Using a prop is great as the shot will look more natural, and helps it stands out from the other “standard” #OOTD shots.

TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" All Over Print T-Shirt with Buttons (White)TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" All Over Print T-Shirt with Buttons (White)

Bonus Tip: Dress in bright pops of reds and/or pieces with bold graphic prints to further stand out! These bold hues and bodacious tiger-graphics from our CNY Collection are sure to make a statement at your festive celebrations.



TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" Claw Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Black)

TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" Claw Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Black)
Bucket Hat with "CHILL" Slogan (White)

Bright pop of colours not for you? Stick with a monochromatic look instead! While typically black outfits are shunned during the Lunar New Year, now people are more open to the idea of it. 

While your outfit should be the star of the show, remember you always need some accessories to elevate your entire look. Opt to carry a bright mandarin orange carrier so that your Ahma doesn’t nag!


Similarly, you can always dress up your look with some CNY-themed masks! These are a must-have “accessory” during pandemic times. Not wearing a mask definitely isn't an option, so we might as well embrace it with some fun, colourful ones.

Bonus Tip: Use your accessories and mandarin oranges to add pops of colours to the picture.


TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" Tiger with Scratch Marks Graphic (Black)
TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" All Over Print T-Shirt with Buttons (Black)


Add some dynamic aspects to your shots by incorporating movement by pretending as if you are walking! This gives an illusion of ‘candidness’ that your followers will be sure to love. These will also look great as a boomerang.

You can also turn your body away from the camera and turn your head slightly towards it by looking over your shoulder. This is a great pose to show off that Tiger Graphic #OOTD from a different angle.

Bonus Tip: Remember to always have one leg extended and pointed towards the front. You will be amazed by how long your legs will look with this simple hack. You can also choose to tiptoe as this can create the illusion of a longer silhouette 



Here’s bringing you luck and a roar of prosperity this Lunar New Year!

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Usher in the Lunar New Year with YISHION. Get ready for the Year of the Tiger with our zodiac-inspired collection. Flaunt your outfits and share your #yishionOOTD with us on our Facebook/Instagram! On top of a fat angbao, we hope you receive all the double taps this CNY!

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