4 Cute but Grungy Valentine's Day Fits

Take your V'Day fits for a unique spin! If you’re tired of entirely cutesy and adorable products, try outfits that have lots of goth and grunge but still packed with a small, lovely punch. There’s no other colour combination for this more perfect than black and pink!


Look 1: Solid Pink Top & Black Bottoms

Try a long sleeved solid pink top matched with a solid black bottom. This combination has lots of elegance and class, yet still keeping it edgy. Pair with a mini shoulder bag and a pair of sandal heels. This look is perfect for a date in a restaurant!

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Look 2: Black & Pink Patterned Sweaters/Cardigan

This is your chance to get a unique patterned top for Valentine’s Day! With black and pink being such an easy going colour set, there is no way tops designed in these two colours can go wrong. These knitted sweaters and cardigans tend to come in checkered, argyle or illustrated patterns. 

If you want a cuter look, you can pair the top with mini tennis skirts. If not, denim jeans are a great option too!

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Check out YISHION’s sweater and cardigan from our Valentine’s Day collection:

Two Tone V Neck Cardigan with Spade Pattern and Checkered Buttons
Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Heartshaped 'Sweet Girl' Slogan Print


Look 3: Black & Pink Graphic Tees

Enjoy a kitschy aesthetic? Wearing Black and Pink Graphic Tees will totally suit you. These graphic tees tend to be designed with more unique illustrations and sometimes, they even have a Y2K vibe to them. Pair these graphic tees with a mini skirt of a matching colour. Either sneakers or boots for footwear works.

Don’t miss out on YISHION’s pink and black graphic tees from our Valentine’s Day collection!

Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Slogan Print Across Spraypainted Heart Graphic (Black)


Look 4: Black Base Graphic Tops & Solid Pink Bottoms

If you’ve already gotten a black and pink graphic tee and want to fully commit to the aesthetic, try a pair of entirely pink bottoms. For a more casual fit, pink corduroy or denim pants will surely help you stand out from the crowd. If you want a more feminine fit, a pink mini skirt will do the trick.

Looking for a pair of pink bottoms? Check out YISHION’s version of it:

Straight Leg Joggers with Adjustable Cuffs and Unique Tag (Pink)

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