4 Outfits Based on Your Favorite 'Nevertheless' Characters

A girl who’s cynical about love meets a guy who’s deadly charismatic - but isn’t interested in a romantic relationship. Nevertheless definitely isn’t your run-of-the-mill romantic k-drama.

Whether or not you’ve been in the loop with one of Netflix’s hottest series, there’s a reason why it’s so talked about - and no, it’s not just because of the good looking casts. We loved everything about the storyline and boy, the styling. The drama is strongly reminiscent of our campus life and we are so here for the aesthetics!

Want to know how to dress like your fav Nevertheless character but don’t know how? Here at YISHION, we prepared some tips for you to get started.


*Warning: This post may contain spoilers

1. Yu Na Bi

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We may not agree with her relationship choices, but one thing we can agree on is her outfit choices. 

Na Bi embodies the homebodies - usually clad in comfortable everyday wear and doesn’t find the need to doll up unless the occasion calls for it. Dressed mostly in an earthy palette i.e. Beiges and Browns (plus the occasional greens or olives), these cozy hues help Na Bi look effortlessly elegant while being highly relatable at the same time.

To achieve that mellow aesthetic, set your cropped tops and mini-skirts aside and pick out a blouse and skinny jeans combo.


Puff Sleeve Off Shoulder Cropped Blouse (Khaki)
Basic Denim Skinny Jeans (Lt. Blue)

This Khaki blouse is a must-have in your wardrobe! Earthy tones serve as a great neutral base - suitable for those venturing out of their monochromatic comfort zone. The peplum design draws the eyes to your cinched waist, giving the effect of a slimmer build. When worn together with a slim fit jeans, it will help to accentuate your feminine figure.


2. Seo Ji Wan

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Seo Ji wan is the textbook example of the ~Soft Girl~ Aesthetics. 

This aesthetics, according to Cosmopolitan, “leans into bright hair barrettes and pastel colors. The outfits look ultra-romantic and often include pinks and purples, pleated skirts, florals, sweater vests, and cardigans”.

When juxtaposed against the other characters in Nevertheless, Ji Wan definitely stands out! While many of them wore baggy street-style clothing and sported a darker colour palette, she was always clad in her ditsy floral numbers, pastel hues dresses or skirts, cozy cardigans, and dainty headbands.
V-Neck Floral Wrap Dress with Lace Up Detail

V-Neck Floral Wrap Dress with Lace Up Detail


We think Ji Wan will definitely pull off this floral piece with ease. To really amp up the ~soft girl~ look, throw on an oversized knitted cardigan and rock that double-braid hairstyle. Sprinkle a little quirkiness into your outfit (as Ji Wan always does) with some accessories, ranging from barrettes to mini-bags. 


3. Yoon Sol

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Seriously, new girl crush alert!

Fun Fact: Lee Ho Jung, the actress who played the role of Yoon Sol, brought her personal items in order to better express Sol’s character. A lot of the pieces you see in the Netflix series are what makes up Sol’s signature looks i.e. her Paisley-print bandanas and leather jacket - we love this dedication to the role! 

Yoon Sol, whose philosophy and relationships are not easily swayed by others, has a 'my way' type of personality. She’s daring and not afraid to show off her style through loud prints. Yoon Sol's free-spirited nature, honesty, and artistic talents were further highlighted with bags, shoes, and other accessories with eye-catching designs. 


Multi-Pocket Jumpsuit (Lt. G.Green), Short Sleeve Shirt with Heart Print 

Cop this fit - embody your inner free-spirited attitude with this jumpsuit. Drop the strap and layer up with an oversized shirt with a fun quirky print for some serious cool girl vibes. Don’t forget to put on your bandana!


4. Oh Bit Na

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Bit Na's styling honestly is our personal favourite out of all the female characters, and let us tell you why!

From her eye-catching hair colour to her loud and edgy outfits, this girl loves to make a statement. Her dressing is a representation of her fun, zesty personality and Bit Na totally rocks every soft grunge, e-girl element in all the right places. 

Bit Na’s closet probably consists of a large variety of black clothing, plaid skirts and cropped blazers, crop tops, combat boots, and a whole collection of hair accessories and silver jewelry.


Slim Fit Cropped T-Shirt with Slogan Tag (Black)
High-Waist Denim Mini Skirt with Waist Cut-Out

For that Bit Na-esque girly-slash-grunge, this outfit is it. The reflective stripes on the sides of the crop top is unlike any of the usual designs. The additional benefit? It draws your eyes in, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist! The cut-out on the skirt is also edgy and unique - Bit Na definitely will appreciate this fit. 


I Know I Have Too Many Clothes. Nevertheless…

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