5 Ways to Layer your Outfits

Layering like a ~pro~ 

Basics make everything seem effortless — just throw them on and voilà, you are all set to go about your day! Don’t get me wrong, basics are well loved for a reason but your outfits can always use a lil’ spice to switch things up.

Afraid of bold and loud prints? Why not try layering your outfits to give them more of an added dimension? Here at YISHION, we have 5 ways for you to revamp your style with the recent layering trends!


1. Cropped Top over a Button-Up Shirt

Credits: Pinterest
2in1 Collared White Shirt with Ruched Detail and Bralette (White)


Let’s get down to business – who dictated that button-up shirts are only meant for the office? Simply grab a crop top and throw it over your button-up shirts for a chic ‘fit – this creates an illusion of an hourglass waistline. Pair it with a trusty pair of straight cut denim and ankle boots and you’re good to go! Hasta la vista, fashionista ;)

Knitted Vest with Block Stripes (Black)

By the power vested in YISHION, we hope that you try layering a vest over your button-ups for that preppy “old money” aesthetic. Knitted vests come in a wide array of designs – striped, checkered and even bright, vibrant colours. Play around with the designs of the vest and keep the bottoms simple! Otherwise, a monochromatic version like the one above will work as well.

 Long Sleeves Shirt Dress with Black Asymmetrical Vest (White)Long Sleeves Shirt Dress with Black Asymmetrical Vest (White)

Feel like showing off a little skin? Take a girly twist and opt for a Shirt Dress instead. Snap some #OOTDs and get ready for the compliments to roll in! The Asymmetrical Vest here is both adjustable and removeable. 2 looks with 1 dress? Score!

2. T-Shirt under a Dress/Dungaree

Kendall is SLAYING it with this tee and slinky slip number.

Credits: Vogue

Change up your usual style by wearing a t-shirt underneath your dresses. This particular combination pairs well with all styles/length – Mini, Midi, Maxi etc.

Trust us (or at least Kendall), you’ll never look at dresses in the same way again!

https://yishion.sg/women/products/dresses-jumpsuits.htmlSnap Button Denim Pinafore Overalls with Double Straps (Light Blue)
Snap Button Woven Pinafore Dress (White)

Add a pop of colour to your otherwise mundane life (and outfits) by layering a bright coloured tee underneath your dungaree. Pair it with a tote bag and some white sneakers and you have yourself a perfect back to school ‘fit.

3. Long Sleeved Shirt under an Oversized T-Shirt

*Siri queue Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne*

Credit: Pinterest

Here for that Skater Girl vibe? Take an oversized tee – be it graphics, slogans or just a shirt with fun prints and wear it over a long sleeved top to get that casual street style look. Top it off with a pair of straight leg jeans and a good pair of kicks – preferably Converse or Vans for the whole skater aesthetics! Beanies optional.

 Rainbow Graphic Tee

Not sure how to match your oversized tops with an undershirt? YISHION has the perfect solution! Here’s our Rainbow Graphic Tee with faux layered sleeves. Perfect for those fuss-free days.

4. Collared Shirt under a Sweater

Credits: Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest

We’re so here for the Dark/Light academia aesthetics. Try this layering technique and you’ll look like you just walked out of an episode of Gossip Girl… Blair Waldorf is that you? Pairing this combination with either business pants or a tennis skirt will give you that main character moment you have been waiting for!

Oversized Sweater with BREAKTHROUGH Slogan (Black)

Sweaters are very versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion or your mood. For the days that you are just not feeling it, ditch the collared shirt and just snuggle in your oversized sweater!

5. Cardigan over a Cropped Top

Credits: Vogue
Credits: Pinterest

Here at YISHION, one of our personal favourites would be the cardigan trend. Cardigans are now a classic staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. Their sole purpose is not just to keep you warm, but to also keep you fashionable!

Fashion Tip: Wear your sweaters around your shoulders or even diagonally across your torso as an embellishment or accessory!

Basic Ribbed Cardigan With Single ButtonBasic Ribbed Cardigan With Single Button

Another way to wear your cardigan would be to only button 1 button of your cardigan. This look keeps you warm but still lets you show some skin! 

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