5 Back-to-Office Tips with Yishion

Stretchy, Flowy and anything with an elastic waistband! 

As Singapore eases its Covid-19 restrictions, life is slowly inching closer to normalcy once again —  which is also synonymous with the inevitable… It’s time to toss out those comfortable loungewear sets and say hello to a world where dressing on a daily basis is a thing again.

While there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the situation, there’s one thing for certain: there’s a definite shift in workwear fashion.

Still stressed out on what to wear? Our team here at Yishion curated a list of “must-have” tips for going back to the daily grind — it’s all about reconfiguring your wardrobe to make them more comfortable! Rest assured that these pieces took into consideration of those pandemic weight gain.


1. Flowy Dresses

Puff Sleeve Button Up DressPuff Sleeve Button Up Dress (White/Black)

Women are gravitating towards one-pieces as they’re the quickest and easiest to throw on for those roll-out-of-bed moments! Compared to form-fitting pants, these flowy dresses are definitely the clear winners in terms of comfort.

Our puff sleeve dress comes in two colourways to suit your mood, we just can’t decide which is our favourite! This dress also has darted details at the waistline - perfect for hiding any weight gain and emphasizing your curves.

Throw on a pair of dependable sneakers (not heels) and you’re good to go.


2. Elastic Waistbands

Sweatpants with "SPECIAL" Slogan (Black)Sweatpants with "SPECIAL" Slogan (Black)

Sweatpants should be something familiar to us during this work-from-home period. It’s a perfect piece to ease your way back into the office routine.

Pair a fitted sweatpants with a structured blazer to look more put together. Otherwise, any “dressier” looking tops might be a good alternative. This pair of sweat managed to strike the right balance — it has the comfort of leggings, without the body-hugging fit that some people aren’t a fan of.

While this piece comes in grey, we much prefer the black version as it’ll look more polished (and less like sweats, if you know what we mean). Keep the grey version for the weekends!

Also, did we mention that it has a slogan waistband that makes it truly “special”? 

3. Slay with Layers 

Long Sleeve Cropped Button Up Plaid Blouse 

Long Sleeve Cropped Button Up Plaid Blouse
Layered over
Sleeveless Cami Dress

The sleeveless cami dress is a versatile basic piece that we love but it might be a lil’ too risque for our colleagues at the HR department. That’s when layering might come in handy. From blazers, sweater vests to blouses and shirts - throw on these as outerwear to brave the icy blasts from that office aircon. 

We adore this plaid blouse with its monochrome colour palette - A perfect addition to your wardrobe as it’ll pair well with any other basic piece you already own.


4. Fun Prints

Short Sleeve Shirt with Heart Print (L) 
Short Sleeve Cropped Shirt with Fruit Print (R)

 Mix up that outfit and be playful by going with bold accents and prints. These shirts are great for any occasion and they’re definitely eye-catching, you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd! Wear them as it is, or wear them as an outerwear over your camisole or dress. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll have fun wearing them. 

Fall in love with the details on these pieces too. They both come with chest pockets - great for storing any miscellaneous items (and pantry snacks too).


5. Straight Cut Jeans

Straight Cut Denim Jeans with Heart PrintStraight Cut Denim Jeans with Heart Print

Whether jeans are reserved for casual Fridays or are good all-year-round, they are always a good alternative to your usual work pants. There’s so many ways to jazz up your 9-to-5 looks with denim pieces while ensuring they’re still work-appropriate. Our favourite would be to pair it with a statement blouse and/or a blazer.


Credits: Who What Wear

A clean tuck-in look made easy with a statement white blouse and jeans.

Here at Yishion, we adore this denim piece in heart prints! First, they are high-waisted - perfect for hiding those tummy flabs without compromising on the latest trends. They’re also much more forgiving on the legs (calves especially) as compared to the skinny-fit. It also doesn’t hurt to have some fun heart prints on them! 

Be sure to choose your denim based on their fit and your body shape! Still unsure? Read our guides


Get down to business with these Back-to-Office tips!

At Yishion, we’ve got you covered for Women’s essentials for every day of the week. Elevate your wardrobe now with our stylish fits and be ready to transform into a fashionista. Share your looks with us on our Facebook/Instagram!