5 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Vacation with Bae

It’s nearing the year-end holiday season again! While you may have your holiday destinations planned, you may also be stuck on what to wear on your vacation. Here are three couple styles for you and your S/O to try out for that perfect holiday #OOTD!

1. Athleisure Sets

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Comfy, ultra utilitarian and stylish. Athleisure sets are a sure-fire way to grab attention with that extra cool factor. If you and your partner love bright colours, opt for athleisure sets that come in funky and loud colourways, such as the ones above. If not, there are always basic athleisure sets that come in neutral colours such as grey, white and black. (There’s no shame in going for the basics - athleisure sets are cool either way!)  

Styling Tip: Always have a similar colour palette between your two sets of athleisure clothing items. Even better, share the exact same colours. Accessorise with chunky jewellery and sneakers!

Oversized Solid Colour Sweater with Snoopy On The Moon Cartoon Print
Oversized Solid Coloured Long Sleeve with Snoopy Cartoon Details (White)

Get your athleisure fix with YISHION — Our latest Snoopy-themed collection is to die for!

2. Denim on Denim

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This is a classic unisex style that has endured time. Often including denim jackets and denim jeans for both men and women, this styling appeals to those who prefer a classier style over an edgy street style. Denim jackets can be worn fitted for a clean look, or worn oversized and boxy for a casual look. Wear a white tee on the inside for simple styling. As for denim jeans, go for straight leg or flared jeans for an effortless finish. This combination is the best for vacation pics in the city.

Styling Tip: Pair Denim On Denim with a plain coloured cap and sneakers. Chunky sandals and chunky boots work too!

Basic Button Up Denim Jacket (Dark Blue)
Basic Zipper Fly High Waist Wide Leg Jeans with CASUAL tag (Dark Blue)
Oversized Ombre Denim Button Up Jacket with Collar Details (Dk. Grey)
Ombre Denim Bermuda Shorts with Elasticated Waist (Dark Grey)

YISHION is definitely no stranger to denim. With our basic button up denim jackets, get yourself a denim jacket fit for any occasion. Put it together with jeans from our wide selection of denim: straight cut, skinny, flared, mom jeans, high waisted - we have it all.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not opt for an ombre-dyed version instead!


3. Checkered Patterns

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Another classic style, but this time, it’s in the patterns. Check-patterned clothing has really stuck around the fashion cycles in the last few years. What’s even better is that it can be incorporated really easily into couple styling as well. Check patterns for men and women can be found in button-up dress shirts and slacks. Women have the option to shop for checkered patterns in dresses and skirts as well!

Styling Tip: As check patterns tend to look a bit on the preppy side, pair them with dress shoes (for men) and loafers (for women). Wearing matching berets can be a cute finishing touch.


P.S. Do a photo op in a place with historical vibes.


Checkered Oversize Long Sleeve Shirt with Nowar Print
Mini Checkered Tennis Skort

A monochromatic colour scheme is one of the easiest colourways to wear!

4. Couple Knitted Vests

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If you’re travelling to a cooler climate, wearing matching knitted vests may be the best way to soak up the autumn vibes! For the ultimate autumn fit, dress in shades of brown and black. For both men and women, you can layer a long-sleeved dress shirt beneath the vest and wear either jeans or plain coloured slacks for the bottoms. For women, you can opt for a skirt if you dare to go against the cold. However, do wear stockings to keep warm.

Styling Tip: A pair of white sneakers will be the easiest styling choice for shoes. To match the autumnal aesthetic, throw on longer knit pattern socks. For a place even colder, a knitted scarf around the neck will be a useful and cozy accessory.

Cardigans & JacketsKnitted V Neck Block Stripes Vest
Checkered V Neck Vest With Rubber Crazy Slogan

YISHION’s wide variety of knitted vests in buttoned up and non-buttoned up styles will have you spoilt for choice. These designs can also be easily worn by men, we suggest sizing up as the vests are already designed for a looser fit. 


 5. Colour Coordination

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If you do not want to purchase anything new, opt to find inspiration from existing closet pieces via colour coordination. It can be the same colour scheme (white and black etc), monochromatic (shades of pin etc) or the exact same clothing items and colour (both blue tees and light washed jeans etc). The possibilities are endless.

Styling Tip: Regardless if you reach for a more put together style or a casual street style, a plain canvas tote bag is a staple. It is easily wearable by both genders, and comes in different sizes and carry ways (sling or shoulder etc) to suit your taste. 

Solid Colour Long Sleeve Sweater With Sailor Collar (Lt. Beige)
Solid Coloured Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Collared Neck (White)
Solid Colour Long Sleeve Hoodie With Planet Slogan (Pink)
TEEBOX - Solid Colour Sweater with Trendy Cupid Slogan and Illustration (Pink)

To strike your inspiration, the above are some colour coordinated couple pairing styles that YISHION offers. 



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