Dressing Up In Earth Tones

Earth tones are great for neutral colour lovers. Ranging from sand beige to forest green, earth tones are sure to provide a staple wardrobe set and create a sophisticated style. Here are five fits that go well with Earth tones, and what better way to also celebrate Mother Nature than dress up in her colours?

1. What are Earth Tones?

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Let’s get this question out of the way. Earth tones are pretty much colours inspired by nature. Any colour you see on trees, flowers or even animals can be considered an earth tone. However, earth toned clothing primarily comes in shades of beige, brown, grey and green. Now let’s look at some earth toned clothing.

2. Earth Toned Overalls

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Love layering but hate the heat? Overalls are your best bet. Just think of it as an extended pair of trousers. You layer almost anything under overalls: oversized tees, dress shirts, or even sweaters if the day is chilly. The overalls plus top combo is perfect for the androgynous look, and the earth toned palette immediately makes you more calm and put together. The fit is best paired with sneakers and a hat of your choice. 

3. Baggy Cargo Pants

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There is nothing trendier than a pair of baggy cargo pants right now. A pair in earthy tones is always the best bet, as they pair well with most other colours for tops. The easiest way to style cargo pants is with a cream coloured top (long or short sleeved works) and chunky shoes (you can choose between sneakers or loafers, depending on how dressed up you want to be). This fit is comfortable and casual - great for a day out. 

 4. Dress Shirts

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Earth tones really hit the right spot when worn in loose or oversized dress shirts. This option is for the corporate baddies who do not want to look too formal while also not being too casual. A good earth toned dress shirt paired with another earth toned trousers/slacks brings your sophistication to the next level. If you find that this combination is still too formal, try wearing your dress shirt as outerwear with a white shirt underneath. 

5. Slouchy Oversized Tote Bag

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For the cherry on top, an earth tone staple is an oversized slouchy tote bag. It pairs well with all kinds of oversized and slouchy fits, so you’re definitely not restricted to earth toned clothing with this bag. It’s also not only a very trendy bag, but you can also fit more than your everyday essentials into it. Practical and aesthetic - what’s not to love?

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