Petite Girls Can Look Great!

It’s hard to tell from red carpet photos, but many actresses are less than 160cm in height. Yet, they’re able to coordinate outfits that elongate their legs to appear taller.

YISHION has taken to analyzing some celebrities photos to develop 3 simple dressing tips below. Transform into a long-legged goddess today!

1. Raise your waistline to achieve a shorter upper torso to lower body ratio

Figure 1
Figure 2

If you look at Figure 1 on the top left, petite girls can create the perception of longer looking legs with a higher waistline. Compared with trousers, high waist or shorter skirts are more suitable for petite girls. Petite girls can also create the perception of longer legs with heels. For example, Tan Yijun perfectly pulls off a crop top with a high waist skirt paired with heeled boots to elongate her legs and accentuate her waistline.

A simple T-shirt like this can also help to play up the effect of longer legs like Tang Yizhen does in Figure 2. Tang Yizhen is big on this trend this year! Girls who want to sport a “cool” look should definitely go for this. Girls with thicker thighs can also choose an oversized T that covers the knees to play down the emphasis.


You also can’t go wrong with a high waist design combine with the most slimming colour, black. Full-length, black overalls can make you appear slimmer than regular black pants or jeans. Not only does Tang Yan look slender in her outfit, but it also suits her sweet temperament! Overalls and jumpsuits naturally work their magic at the waistline and legs.

2. Expose some skin and create a lightweight, carefree look

Summer can be really hot and humid, just the right season to show some skin! In addition, it can help create a carefree, lightweight look.

For example, you can show some skin at the waistline, as well as at your arms and legs to create a youthful vibe. Since summer clothes are usually light-colored, one can afford not to match different colours for the top and bottom. Choose an off-shoulder and/or crop top pairs with shorts to make the best of the above tips!

Wang Ziwen seems to always be exuding youthful energy and boasting long and slender legs with the above tips!

3. Divert attention with accessories

Aside from methods to achieve a slimming effect, we can also match our outfits with accessories to complete our look. Petite girls just need to note the following pointers:

Figure 3 (Mini Bags)
Figure 4 (High heels)

Big bags can make a statement, but small mini bags are better suited for petite women like in Figure 3 since it does not create any unnecessary reference to your petite size and make you look bulky.

For girls with short legs, high heels come in handy to complete the outfit. Summer, in particular, is the best season to wear high-heeled shoes or strappy sandals that expose the ankles to lengthen the proportion of the legs like the girl in Figure 4 does.

Who says it’s hard for petite girls to look great? Adopt these tips and showoff your charm and unique personality through fashion!

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