Women’s Jeans Fit Guide

Find Your Perfect Fit

Jeans are a mainstay and here’s the lowdown to everything you need to know (we're talking key fits and the hottest trending styles) to pick out your next wardrobe favourite.





The eternal classics - these jeans are the slimmest at your ankle compared to other silhouettes and they accentuate your beautiful curves.



 These are the best for:

All body types - the skinny fit is the perfect everyday pants! All that matters is the wash of the jeans: the pear and hourglass shapes should opt for a flattering dark-wash option, while the lighter washes are great for apple shapes. Feeling edgy and rebellious? Why not try a distressed denim look?



How do I wear them?

Strike the perfect balance with these skinny jeans by playing with volume on top. This fit looks the best with loose, oversized graphic tops that's all the rage these days! Not totally down with this latest casual trend? Fitted tops work too in creating a sleeker, streamlined silhouette.





Not a fan of curves-hugging jeans? Try a straight cut fit, an equally versatile and universally flattering favourite.



 These are the best for:

It’s not universally flattering for nothing - everyone can rock a straight leg. The mid-rise waist is bound to guarantee comfort, perfect for those days you just don't want to think about getting dressed. For the more adventurous gals out there, express your unique personal style with a two-tone option.


 How do I wear them?

Nothing looks better with these babies than a crop top with chain detailsTrust us, the small details really go a long way to elevate your entire outfit. Throw on a classic pair of trainers and you’re ready to go.





The ‘90s are back - in a vintage fit that’s a cult favourite (and mom-approved). With a retro high-waist, it’s now a permanent staple in our wardrobe and it’s not going anywhere.



These are the best for:

A great choice for those with curves to flaunt (hourglass and pear body types) or for those who want to create the illusion of curves. 



How do I wear them?

Jeans with a looser fit typically pairs well with fitted tops (skip the volume this time) - a perfect style for cropped tops and tuck-ins. Channel some serious 90s cool-girl vibe by opting for a checkered crop top with translucent fabric.



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