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Dressing a Pear-shaped Body – Confidence in Your Curves!

In this article, we’re giving you some fashion tips for a pear-shaped body type!

There are six types of body shapes (from left to right in the image below): the Inverted triangle, straight, rectangle, apple, pear and hourglass.

Characteristics of a pear-shaped body: Hips are larger than bust and shoulders. Some ladies with slimmer upper bodies may have sloping shoulders.

One of the disadvantages of a pear-shaped body is having a smaller upper body and shoulders compared to curvier hips. This makes the body proportion bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top, making one look bulkier.

So how should pear-shaped ladies dress to flatter their body type? Among all body types, it is actually the easiest to hide the “flaws” of a pear-shaped body by dressing correctly.


For ladies who have a skinnier upper body, spaghetti and off-shoulder tops are good choices. Showing more skin on top can draw more attention to your upper body. Plus, sleeveless attire are both fashionable AND cooling in the summer heat! However, if you have larger arms, you may want to skip this fashion tip.

Pear-shaped ladies can also pull off a crop tank top + high-waisted jeans or shorts in style. Putting on a belt will give a chic finishing touch to this look.

In addition, as pear-shaped bodies have a smaller torso, one can try wearing patterned tops, such as checkered, polka dots, stripes, floral, vertical stripes, wrinkled patterns, to bring attention to the upper body instead.


For ladies with a pear-shaped body, skirts are a life-saver and also one of the must-have items in every woman’s closet. The design and cutting of the skirt is very important when choosing a skirt!

Suitable Silhouettes – Fitted-Waist Dress, A-Line Skirt, Midi Skirt, High-Waist Skirt

An A-line skirt can accentuate your waist while flaring outwards to cover your bigger thighs.

Midi dresses are the best for the pear-shaped body type. The length of the skirt can cover the wider hips and thighs, while showing some of your calves, which is the skinnier part of your legs. Tightening the drawstring at the waist can also help in raising the perception of the waistline.


Suitable Silhouettes – Loose-fitting pants, High-waisted pants

Loose-fitting pants are the best if you prefer wearing pants over skirts! But do match these pants with more tight-fitting tops to accentuate your upper body curves and flatter your body type.

Elongate your legs with a short top and a high-waisted bottom.

So what are some precautions for the pear-shaped body type?

The pronounced features of a pear-shaped body are wider thighs and hips as compared to a smaller waist. Thus, pear-shaped ladies should try to avoid tight-fitting jeans, baggy pants and dungarees. Tight-fitting jeans will only put emphasis on the big hips and thighs, baggy pants makes your body look even more disproportionate due to its loose design at the top and dungarees will also make one’s hips look wider and heavier with its looser cutting at the bottom.

Aside from matching the style of the top and bottom, pear-shaped ladies should definitely focus on showing off some skin, putting on a belt or corset, tightening drawstrings/donning accessories at the waist, tucking in your top or tying a knot on your shirt to create a higher waistline and draw attention away from the lower part of your body.

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