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Privacy Policy

Version: 1.0 Updated: 30 July 2018

Welcome to YISHION Singapore’s official website. Thank you for the trust and support for our YISHION brand. YISHION has always been committed to protecting our customers’ personal information and privacy. Hence, YISHION Singapore Pte Ltd (“YISHION”) will in the next few paragraphs, list the details of our Privacy Policy. We hope it will also help you understand our efforts in ensuring your personal data and privacy is protected. The information covered in this Privacy Policy includes, but is not limited to, the use of data in Singapore, connected websites, applications and softwares, personal data collected during customer service, retail operations, social media or other events and activities organized by YISHION or her business partners.Types of Personal Information Collected

  1. Types of Personal Information Collected

We only collect personal information that customers voluntarily provide, including but not limited to: name, mobile number, email, residential address. The following are some examples of how personal information may be collected by YISHION:

  • Registering as an YISHION member and providing your name, gender, mobile number, email, date of birth, residential address, and accepting the terms & conditions of the YISHION membership programme
  • Participation in YISHION activities or events

You will always have the choice of not providing your personal information to YISHION. However, this would also mean forgoing participation in activities that may require your personal information. Personal information collected will be used for the purposes stated during collection and for YISHION operations, including, but not limited to:

  • Handling your queries and feedback of YISHION’s products and services
  • Reaching out to you on your opinions of YISHION products, services, website, software or other communication platforms such as social media
  • Participation in YISHION activities or events
  • Verifying your identity to update our records
  • Performing user data analysis

2. Sharing of Personal Information

Your personal information may be shared with members of the YISHION family. Such members include staff, as well as YISHION affiliates and franchisees. Rest assured that your personal information will be used only for relevant YISHION-related activities. YISHION may also employ companies outside of the YISHION family to perform various tasks such as following up on and processing business activities, assisting with marketing and analytics, providing technical support for our website and data management etc. These companies will be referred to collectively as “YISHION partners”, and may require personal information collected by YISHION to conduct their tasks. However, YISHION partners may only use this information solely to perform their tasks. At times, your information may be shared with a country or region outside of Singapore to complete a transaction or perform tasks in accordance with the purpose of collection. The laws in these countries may differ from the laws of Singapore. YISHION will comply with Singapore’s personal information protection laws to ensure that overseas affiliated companies and YISHION’s overseas companies and subsidiaries that obtain personal information will apply comparable standards to protect our customers’ information. By voluntarily giving us your personal information, you consent to disclosure, transfer and use of your personal information to countries and regions outside of Singapore and for purposes described within this Privacy Policy. Except for that described above, YISHION will not sell, transfer or disclose your personal information to any other third party. However, with your permission, we may send you information on our products or that of our business partners’. YISHION will not share your information with our partners but send you information of their products on their behalf. In addition to the above, YISHION reserves the right to use and disclose any information to:

  • Meet the requirements of laws and regulations
  • Protect the integrity and legitimacy of websites, applications, activities or specific transactions
  • In response to your requests
  • To assist with administrative, judicial investigations or investigations related to public safety.

3. Security of Personal Information

YISHION will take appropriate measures and procedures to protect personal information provided and prevent unauthorized retrieval, disclosure, loss, damage and tampering of data. YISHION staff, affiliates and partners with whom personal data is shared with will act on the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and are required to abide strictly by our promise of confidentiality.

4. Request for Personal Information

You have absolute control over any personal information you have provided YISHION with. If, at any time, you wish to modify the personal information you have provided, please contact us at marketing@yishion.com.sg. If you choose to receive the latest news or other marketing, publicity or advertisement materials about our products, services and promotions, we may send you emails or SMSes. You can change your preference for receiving such materials via your member account on our YISHION Singapore official website or by writing into marketing@yishion.com.sg.

5. Cookies

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s computer hard drive for recording purposes. Cookies enable website to remember certain information to make it easier for future browsing. Like most websites, YISHION uses cookies to provide you with a more enjoyable web experience. The information collected via cookies, for example, could include the number of times you have visited our website. It is however, completely anonymous and will only be used to improve usage of our website. If you are unwilling to accept cookies, please turn off the option of accepting cookies or select the option to notify when cookies are received. Do note that disabling cookies may affect your experience with YISHION’s website features.

6. Security of Personal Information

YISHION may provide links to other web platforms for activities related to YISHION’s products and services. These websites do not necessarily follow the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Please refer to the terms of these websites’ privacy policy as YISHION will not be responsible for the privacy protection of these websites.

7. Security of Personal Information

All websites operated by YISHION Group of companies will comply with this Privacy Policy. However, due to the differences in country and regional operations and regulations, certain privacy rules may differ. All websites operated by YISHION or its franchisees which are collecting or using personal information will be committed to complying to this Privacy Policy as best possible.

8. Update of Privacy Policy

This policy will be updated from time to time. If YISHION updates this policy, a newer version will be posted here. Hence, we recommend that customers regularly review the latest version of YISHION’s Privacy Policy. However, please be assured that any changes will not be retroactive nor change the way previous material was collected. Changes will only be made for personal information collected from date of change onwards.