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Quality Control

Quality Control

Huge Testing Capacity

YISHION Quality Testing Centre is a large-scale testing laboratory and is the first of its kind. The Centre uses the most advanced equipment, is equipped with complete testing facilities, and executes of a full range of quality testing processes.

Structured and Scientific Processes

The Centre covers an area of over 2,500 square meters, and employs more than 100 technical staff. Every day, more than 50 items are tested and more than 500 reports generated. All our engineers minimally hold a bachelors’ degree, and have rich experience in garment quality testing and control. Testing technicians also hold degrees in their respective fields of textile, dyeing, finishing and other related disciplines, and are highly qualified to train, assess and operate various instruments and equipment proficiently, as well as adopt from a range of testing methods.

National Accreditation

The laboratory issues scientific and accurate test reports that are both accredited by the state and recognised internationally. From 8 March 2013, YISHION Quality Testing Centre officially started to implement quality management and assurance according to CNAS requirements. From 5 to July 6 2014, CNAS accreditation examiners conducted an on-site assessment and formally awarded the accreditation on 27 August 2014. The accreditation includes capabilities in textile and apparel, leather, feathers and the physical and chemical properties of nearly 30 test categories.

Industry Standard

In 2013, YISHION Quality Testing Centre became part of the industry’s first Resource Testing Confederation to ensure not only the quality standards of her own products, but also provide a full range of quality testing services to other fashion manufacturers in the industry.