10 Ways to Style Your Favourite T-shirts

Your Summer Wardrobe Must-haves.


T-shirts are great - they’re fun, versatile pieces great for both TGIF nights out or that lazy morning where you just throw on the first thing that you reach for. Trust us, you look great either way but bestie, we’re sick of the same old look you go for. You can do so much better!

Here at Yishion, we’ve got 10 surefire tips to style a tee this Summer, you’ll never be bored.


1. Keeping it structured with a Blazer


Credits: Pinterest

This is one of our favourite "boss babe" ensembles you can't miss out on. Blazers instantly make any outfit look more put-together, while layering a shirt under says "CEO of a fashion brand" as you look like you know how to rock your 'fits. Blazers are also great in giving your slouchier tees some form of structure. 

It’s always important to strike a balance: If you’re wearing a bold suit with loud colours, introduce contrast by wearing a simple white tee underneath.





Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bread Monster Graphic (Orange)Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bread Monster Graphic (Orange)

Pro-tip: Brighten up your outfit with a bright graphic tee for that ~pop~ of contrast your outfit needs - you'll thank us for this tip. Not only does the orange illuminate your overall complexion, but the graphic portion is also a great alternative to plain shirts. 


2. With a Co-Ord

Co-ords come from the word ‘coordinates’ and these sets of matching tops and bottoms are great for those fuss-free mornings (you’ll definitely look like a fully functioning adult that has got her life together). What’s great about these two-piece sets is that they’re definitely a great complement to t-shirts.

Take a styling tip from Bella Hadid and throw on a low-key graphic tee with a matching co-ord set. Bam, the next thing you'll know is that you're already out the door with additional time to spare for that morning coffee run.


Bella HadidCredits: Vogue

Pro-tip: Always accessorise! Elevate this look by throwing on some shades and chunky white sneakers. Comfortable while looking cute, score!

Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with Embroidered Slogan (White)Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with Embroidered Slogan (White)

A fitted shirt like this is better suited with co-ords - it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the overall look and the slogan embroidery detail keeps it more unique as compared to a plain tee without being too "loud".


3. With a Skirt

Why not try throwing on some flowy skirts to bring a more feminine vibe to your overall look? This skirt and tee combi is a beautiful blend of aesthetics - both edgy while being sweet, a sure and effortless way to mix up your fashion game this Summer.


Credits: Pinterest

For skirts with a tighter fit (think bodycons), tucking in your shirts might result in unsightly bulges. Avoid them by simply knotting your tee with this simple method:


Easy way to knot a t-shirt. #styletips #fashionhacks #fyp #poweryourstyle #tshirtchallenge

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Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Video Monster Graphic (White)
High-Waist Midi Skirt with Floral Print


Otherwise, opt for shirts with a side gathered detail - like our Video Monster Graphic Tee. Not only is it cute, it’ll definitely look good with our midi-skirt, without overshadowing the floral prints.


4. With a Bustier/Lingerie/Bralette/Corset

Who says inner garments are only meant for inner wear? Show off your unique and alluring side by layering your undergarments over a fitted basic top.


Credits: Pinterest


Kendall Jenner wears her white tee with a lace bralette and ripped jeans - the black lace really stands out against the basic tee. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this number!

Pro-tip: Netflix’s period drama, Bridgerton, definitely fuelled the recent #Regencycore aesthetic - opt for a bustier for a more “fashion-forward” look.


5. With Overalls

Credits: Pinterest, Pinterest 

The overalls and shirt combo is such a classic look that we so often tend to forget. With the lingering nostalgia from the recently aired Friends Reunion, here's a #throwback to some of our favourite looks from the cast. Now, we see why our beloved Friends tend to gravitate towards this particular style throughout the show.


Denim JumpsuitDenim Jumpsuit

Our denim jumpsuit has a wide-leg fit for all that leg lengthening effect that you need! The shirt you choose to wear under your overalls (or jumpsuit) really determines your overall vibe - try one with interesting cut-outs.


6. With Interesting Denims

Credits: Pinterest

Yes we said that we’re sick of the same look you go for, but how bout you spice it up with some jeans - with a twist? Distressed jeans, or jeans with prints are a good substitute to your otherwise “boring” pants.


High-Waist Mom Jeans with Mouse PrintHigh-Waist Mom Jeans with Mouse Print

Our High-Waist Mom Jean is not only in trend right now, but look at the adorable mouse print at the back pocket! To match the look, opt for a tee that is slightly oversized - a retro style that is still trendy today. 


7. With Biker Shorts

Credits: Pinterest

There’s a reason why this look is all over your IG feed. While this combo is both incredibly simple to achieve, it also screams “cool-girl vibes”. It’s perfect for a day of errands where you want to look cute with minimal effort, but still cozy at the same time.

Throw on a fashionable bucket hat and you’re good to go.

Oversized Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bunny Graphic (White)Oversized Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bunny Graphic (White)

Do take note that with this trend, your shirt should definitely be oversized! Opt for a shirt with an oversized fit, or size up for a more suitable fit. Men’s shirts are also great choices for this particular look.


8. With Bermudas

Credits: Pinterest

Gigi Hadid looks absolutely stunning with this casual outfit combination. Tuck a tee into a pair of berms (that’s so hot right now!) for the chic surprise you didn’t know to rock before. Paired with a sneaker, stacked jewellery and shoulder bag? Sign me up!


Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Embossed Slogan (Dk. Grey)Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Embossed Slogan (Dk. Grey)

Here’s Yishion’s take on the look. This embossed slogan top is definitely a conversation starter.


9. As a Dress

Credits: Pinterest

This is a great tip, especially suitable for petite girls out there. Purchase a tee that’s larger in size (or even a men’s size) to make the hemline longer. Throw on a pair of combat boots and damn, you're the definition of edgy.


Short Sleeve Graphic T-shirt DressShort Sleeve Graphic T-shirt Dress

Otherwise, our Graphic T-shirt Dress is specifically designed to be a dress - you won't run the risk of it being too short. 


10. Crop it - Knot, Cut, Tuck

 A crop fit can make a big difference to your tees! There are many DIY ways to crop your top, but if you want to crop your top without the commitment (and the risk of crooked hems), there are many other alternative ways to change up your look.




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 You can either knot your top, and make it essentially a crop top or tuck it into your bra (bra with a snug band) or waistline for that boxy casual fit. Rock your newly-cropped top with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, sneakers, and layered jewelry and voilà, you have a new favorite go-to look for the season. 

Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with "VOUCHSAFE" Slogan (White)Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with "VOUCHSAFE" Slogan (White)

Otherwise, opt for shirts with a drawstring detail - you can adjust the drawstring accordingly to your own comfort level.


Casual Never Looked So Good.

At Yishion, we’ve got you covered for Women’s essentials this season. Elevate your wardrobe now with our stylish 'fits and be ready to transform into a fashionista. Share your looks with us on our Facebook/Instagram!