3 Ways to Look Effortlessly Chic in Military Style

Seeking to make heads turn and command attention just like how Ri Jeong-Hyeok eventually could not take his eyes off Yoon Se-Ri even after 'Crash Landing on You' ended? Well we’ve got your back with 3 fashion style tips using military-inspired clothing!

What Defines Military Style?

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Military style in fashion originated in the 19th century when elements of military uniforms began to influence civilian clothing. While the camouflage pattern will probably first come to mind, military fashion is also designed with functionality in mind and often incorporates utilitarian details like multiple pockets and brass buttons. Structured and tailored silhouettes are a common feature as well. Military style remains a prominent and enduring trend in fashion today, paying homage to the practicality and durability of military uniforms. No need to hold your horses further, here is how you can slay in military-inspired clothing.

1. Make a Statement with Camo Print Against Neutrals

What is military fashion without camo prints? Make use of camo prints to stand out but use it sparingly to make it the highlight of your outfit. Layer with neutral colours such as black, khaki, or olive green to balance the boldness of the military patterns for a more harmonious look.

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Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with "RETURN TO NATURE" Slogan and Truck Prints (Light Beige)
Long Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with FLYING HELMET Prints (Khaki Green)

If your wardrobe has been missing those edgy camo prints, it's time to step up your style game! Dive into our exclusive selection of camo skirts and cargo pants (available exclusively in-stores), the ultimate fashion statement pieces that will set you apart. These versatile staples effortlessly pair with our chic raglan sleeve crop top or choose a long-sleeve alternative to suit your vibe. Notice how our tops flawlessly complement the bottoms, ensuring a well-coordinated and put-together look. But here's the real style secret to capture that Red Velvet or ITZY-inspired essence: accessories. Elevate your ensemble with trendy chokers, arm bands, or arm warmers, instantly embodying the girl crush era and making an unforgettable fashion statement.


2. Play With Textures 

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Experiment with different textures like denim, leather or fleece to add depth to your military-themed outfit. This easily creates a more multidimensional look which adds visual interest.  

Long Sleeve V Neck Cardigan with Fluffy Yarn (Off White)

Take your style to the next level with our cardigan, perfectly contrasted against our trendy cargo skorts. Our skorts have been flying off the shelves in-store, and it's easy to see why. They blend fashion seamlessly with comfort, making them a favorite choice. With skorts, you get the best of both worlds—effortless incorporation into your outfit and worry-free wear, thanks to the added convenience that eliminates concerns about accidental exposure. It's time to embrace a stylish and comfortable wardrobe without compromise!

3. Mix and Match with Contrast Pieces

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Display your creativity by blending your military-inspired pieces with casual or feminine pieces. Not only can you create versatile looks suitable for various occasions, the juxtaposition allows you to express your unique style and show off your fashion personality. 

Short Sleeve Knit Dress with Ruched Waist and Side Slit Details (Black)


Spice it up by pairing your outerwear with an adorable dress. How about pairing this khaki outerwear with one of our dresses? It’s a combination that embodies stylishness and classy chic.

Styling military-style clothing can give you a trendy and edgy look or one which showcases your unexpected charm. At the end of it all, remember that confidence is key and it will elevate your entire look. With this, you are now ready to crush it with those military-inspired pieces in your wardrobe!


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