3 Fresh Back to School Fashion Guide

New semester, new style! It's time to gear up for a fresh start as you prepare to dive into a new semester. The back to school season is not only for books and learning but also an opportunity to express your personality through your fashion style. Here’s 3 tips for you to make a fashion statement back to school! 

1. Crop Tops 

Crop tops have always been a staple piece for women’s fashion and a perfect choice to be worn on warmer months, it can be paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, or even layered over dresses or dungarees depending on the occasion, but the most popular go-to combination has still got to be with the classic denim jeans as it helps to create a balanced silhouette by elongating your legs to make you appear taller and give you the extra boost in confidence for your casual look in school.


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Fun fact - The color pink is often associated with femininity, sweetness, and romance which can bring out a delicate and softer side of you!

At YISHION, we have crop tops in a wide variety of designs. Drawstring details will give you an illusion of a slimmer waist and the flexibility to adjust the length of the top based on your preference. Overlap details will offer a twist to the traditional crop tops, and back ribbon tie details will add a feminine touch.

Check out these cropped tops available in-stores now. 

“Anything is Possible” Print Drawstring Cropped Top - Pink (R132231038)
“Full of Interest” Cat Print Overlap Cropped Top - White (R132231198)
“Thoughts Contrast” Print Back Ribbon Tie Cropped Top - White (R132231608)

2. Cardigans and Sweaters

You can’t go without cardigans and sweaters for school fashion, it is one of the essentials! They are typically made from soft and cozy materials from cotton, wool or knit blend, offering an extra layer of comfort, warmth and snug feel for students like you in cooler classrooms or when the weather is cold. 

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Can’t get enough of pink yet? YISHION has a variety of pink cardigans and sweaters for you to choose from. Do you know that cardigans are best worn with inner pieces such as tank tops as they give off a nice fashion contrast? Drawstrings, slogan prints and small element details on sweaters can give an extra oomph to the normal plain sweaters.


Check these out:

Ribbed Knit Long Sleeves Cardigan with Cami Tanktop Set - Light Rust Red
Slogan Sporty Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt with Drawstring Waist - Pink
Solid Colour Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with 'CONFIDENCE I'M FINE' Slogan Print - Hot Pink
Solid Coloured Long Sleeve Pointelle Knit Sweater with Small Plush Ball Details - Pink

3. T-Shirts with Graphic Prints

Tired to think of an outfit for school everyday? T-shirts are the easiest way for you to mix and match to create a simple outfit, you can never go wrong with them! T-shirts with graphic prints come in various visual designs, patterns, slogans printed on the fabric. It will add a pop of color to your outfit and make a visual impact. 

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Check out YISHION’s beary adorable graphic print T-shirts:

Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Playful Bear Slogan Print - White
Oversized Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Pop Up Bear and Heart Print - Pink
Oversized Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Bear Peekaboo Catch Print - Black

At YISHION, we’ve got you covered for all the hottest and latest trends. 
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