3 High School Drama Main Character Worthy Fits

We know, Valentine’s = Pink and Red. But we’re not thinking about the pastels for Valentine’s this year! Liven up your Valentine’s fits with contrasting colours and darker tones. Here are 3 ways you can do just that and the main character just like in a highschool drama!


1. Team Captain


With contrasting pink and black tones, be sure to stand out in our Valentine’s varsity jackets. This look is perfect for anyone seeking a sportier aesthetic this Valentine’s. Pair the jackets with a white tee or tank on the inside and with cargo pants to complete the look!

Long Sleeve Varsity Jacket with "Why Not" Embroidery and Contrast Binding (Dark Gray)
Long Sleeve Varsity Jacket with "Why Not" Embroidery and Contrast Binding (Black)


Accessories Tip: Put on chunky silver sunglasses for an edgier look. Opt for a thinner necklace to counter the brightness of the varsity jacket.


2. Charming Trackstar

You know that quiet but charming character in the track team? These sets are simply giving off those vibes! With its slightly boyish charms, you’re sure to turn heads. To maintain the boyish look, pair the colourblock tee with pink cargo pants. Achieve a more feminine look by pairing the colorblock tee paired with jogging shorts.

Long Sleeve Colourblock Sweatshirt with "Follow Your Soul" Print (Black)
Long Sleeve Colourblock Sweatshirt with "Follow Your Soul" Print (Pink)


Accessories Tip: Opt for simple stud earrings or a thicker chain necklace to complete the toned down look.


3. The Mysterious Girl

These last outfits are for the more feminine. The best thing? They don’t skimp on comfort. With side ribbon ruching and heart prints, steal your friends' hearts with our series of wearable graphic print tees. Here, we opted for a “tough on the edges” look for the character that thrives in the background of things, but you can tone down the fierceness by changing out the bottoms with denim jeans, skirts or shorts!

Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt with Heart Logo and Side Drawstring
Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt with "CARTOON RETRO" in Heart Shape Embroidery


Short Sleeve Regular T-Shirt with Heart Graphic and "NEUTRAL" Print


Accessories Tip: Minimal jewellery is key for this sweeter girl next door look! Opt for simple stud or hoop earrings, with a pendant necklace.

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Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Heart Graphic Print
Long Sleeve Pullover Sweatshirt with Pink Cami Tanktop Set


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