3 Ways to Spice Up your 2024 LNY Outfits

New Year, New Styles!

It is already the year of 2024. As we gear up to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, why not shake things up a bit and infuse some traditional street-styles into your Lunar New Year wardrobe? YISHION, the maestro of merging tradition with trendiness, is here to guide you through three ways to bring a dash of urban cool to your Lunar New Year outfits. Get ready for a fashion journey where East meets street to a whole new beat!



1. Graffiti Glamour (Street-Style)

YISHION's Lunar New Year collection brings traditional silhouettes to life with a street art makeover. Embrace the rebellious spirit of graffiti by incorporating pieces adorned with vibrant, eye-catching patterns. These unexpected combinations add an electrifying element to your outfit.

Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder Men T-Shirt with "RED DRAGON" All Over Print and Dragon Logo (Off-White)
TEEBOX - Oversized Short Sleeve Regular Women T-Shirt with "DRAGON" Print and TEEBOX Logo Words All Over Print (Black)




Styling Tip: Keep the rest of your look simple to let the graffiti elements take center stage. Opt for neutral accessories and footwear to balance the boldness of the street art.

High Waist Denim Mini Pleated Skirt with Big Pocket (Light Blue)
TEEBOX - Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder T-Shirt with "DRAGON" Print and TEEBOX Logo Words All Over Print (Extra White)



2. Calligraphy Ink Inspired Outfits



Embrace the art of calligraphy-inspired pieces to add a touch of cultural elegance.  YISHION's latest arrivals feature intricate strokes and symbols, transforming traditional Chinese motifs into modern masterpieces. Whether it's a sleek dress or a long sleeve shirt, these calligraphy-infused garments allow you to celebrate culture with a contemporary twist.

High Waist Mini Woven Skirt with Chinese Button Knots (Black)
Long Sleeve Wide Neck T-Shirt with Calligraphy Chinese Words Layer (Black)
2in1 Long Sleeve Dress with Chinese Button Design (Dark Gray)



Styling Tip: Let the calligraphy speak for itself. Choose a key piece, like a flowing dress or a mini skirt, and build your outfit around it. The unique strokes and symbols become a focal point, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your Lunar New Year glam.

Long Sleeve V-Neck Collar with Chinese Button Knot (Off-White)
High Waist Mini Woven Pleated Skirt with Army Design (Gray)



3. Footwear For The Finishing Touch


Who says your choice of footwear can't make a style statement for the New Year? Envision the perfect harmony of classic charm meeting the contemporary edge of YISHION's calligraphy-inspired pieces. A simple pair of long black boots along with a calligraphy inspired piece or a simple pair of sneakers with a complementary graphic shirt can be the perfect combination. Or if you’re wearing an all black fit, add a pair of red or maroon shoes to liven up the look!

Long Sleeve Wide Neck T-Shirt with Stretchable Chinese Words Layer (Black)
TEEBOX - "TIGERBOX" Tiger with Scratch Marks Graphic (Black)



Style Tip: Consider the power of simple color coordination. Whether it's the rich tones of maroon paired with black or the classic contrast of black and white, strategic color choices can enhance the impact of your ensemble. Let your footwear not just be an accessory but a key element in creating a New Year style statement. Embrace the elegance of simplicity.


Here’s bringing you luck and a roar of prosperity this Lunar New Year!


Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder Men T-Shirt with "RED DRAGON" All Over Print and Dragon Logo (Scarlet Red)
Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt with Dragon Logo (Scarlet Red)


Usher in the Lunar New Year with YISHION. Get ready for the Year of the Dragon with our zodiac-inspired collection. Flaunt your outfits and share your #yishionOOTD with us on our Facebook/Instagram! On top of a fat angbao, we hope you receive all the double taps this LNY!