4 Best ‘Dad Style’ Trends

Father’s Day is around the corner, and there’s no better way to toast to our dads than a deep-dive on their fashion trends. Once ridiculed, this ‘dad style’ trend is back in full swing, riding on that nostalgia train - Choo Choo! Here at Yishion, we rounded up 4 best ‘dad style’ pieces that we can take inspiration from (and make it our own).


1. Dad Jeans

Photo Credit: Pinterest

As straight leg as straight leg gets, these loose fitting light wash casuals are classics in your dad’s closets. Remember, dads dress for function (think durability and comfort) not form - but it doesn’t mean that it should be frumpy. 

 Men Basic Low Waisted Denim Jeans in Sky BlueTie-Dye Panelled T-Shirt

Left: Men Basic Low Waisted Denim Jeans in Sky Blue
Tie-Dye Panelled T-Shirt

Paired with a solid button up or t-shirt, light denim is the ideal complement to your chunky dad sneakers. Opt for a tee with a trendier print (tie dye/graphics) for your own take on the ‘dad look’.

2. Dad Shirts

Credits: Pinterest


Gone are the days of men in skin-tight shirts, goodbye and good riddance! Dads love their loose fitting shirts with their spacious shirt pockets. 


Oversized Corduroy Long Sleeve Shirt in Almond

Oversized Corduroy Long Sleeve Shirt in Almond

This popular fabric is the twist you need to conquer the ‘Dad Aesthetic’, without looking like a full-on dad. Extra points for the chest pocket too!


3. Dad Jackets

Credits: Balenciaga SS 18 Campaign

These loud, colourful dad-favourites used to be considered as sportswear, but are now dominating even the runways. Both lightweight and weather-proof, there’s no better outerwear for Singapore’s unpredictable weather. 


“BRAVEHEART” Zip Up WindbreakerZip Up Windbreaker Hoodie

Left: “BRAVEHEART” Zip Up Windbreaker
Right: Zip Up Windbreaker Hoodie


Here’s our take on this particular trend, without breaking the bank! Throw on some basic top like our models and you’re good to go - the jackets themselves are statement enough. 






4. Dad Accessories

Credits: Pinterest

When it comes to dad-approved accessories, function and utility are still the number one priority. Consider adding iconic ‘80s pieces, such as bum bags (or fanny packs) and chunky white orthopedic sneakers to your closets to achieve your peak ‘dad’ aesthetics. 


Mini Crossbody Bag


With this crossbody bag, you’ll quickly realise that dads were on to something when they decided to stop overstuffing their pockets. There’s absolutely no reason to - when they can carry their essentials in a much fashionable (street-style inspired) way.


Who knew dad was actually trendy all along?

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