5 Fashion Trends for the Fall Season

The recent weather may be reflecting that one Katy Perry song: Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, but one can always trust fall clothing to be a cornerstone in this part of the year. Here’s a round-up of five Fall 2022 fashion items, so you can be fashionably warm for your upcoming overseas adventure, or your next grocery trip. Rest assured that YISHION will supply all your fall trend buys.

1. Faux Leather Jacket

Meet the baddie sibling of denim jackets: The black faux leather jacket. Faux leather as a material has been around the fashion scene for quite some time now and a simple search on the Internet will lead you to a wide array of clothing items made of the glossy (or matte) material. Still, the faux leather jacket remains a fan favourite for outerwear in cooler temperatures.

Credits: Simone Rocha
Credits: Vogue

Its versatility is one of the reasons why it is so popular, and some may even call it a wardrobe staple. You can pair a faux leather jacket with a dress, skirt, or even pants, the styling possibilities are endless.

While layering with a denim jacket gives off a warm and softer image, a faux leather jacket gives you an effortlessly chic look. Embrace the boxy and oversized fit and strut your stuff confidently down the streets. Calling all baddies out there, the faux leather jacket is a wardrobe addition you do not want to miss out on. 

Drop Shoulder Curved Hem PU Leather Shirt with Hidden Button FrontDrop Shoulder Curved Hem PU Leather Shirt

We paired our Leather Shirt with a checkered skirt for a street look, for those days when you just want to put on your headphones and stomp around town with combat boots. This styling makes you invincible!


2. Polo Tee

For the street kids looking to play a round of tennis, then hitting the mall. Inspired by the need for comfort and ease while exercising, the wearing experience doesn’t get any better than this when sportswear is made into daily styles. 

 Credits: Vogue
 Credits: kpopping

Ranging from plain coloured to patterned, the polo tee is once thought of as a “Dad” shirt. Like the chunky “Dad” sneakers, the polo tee is now a rising star in the streetwear scene. It is comfortable to wear, and hits all the notes of sporty and classy.

If you’re planning to run around town for the day, pairing a polo tee with jeans is the best way to go. A way to dress it up is to pair it with a tennis skirt instead (which is also an equally popular sportswear-cum-fashion item). Lastly, pop on a pair of white sneakers for a clean and preppy look.

Cropped Polo Sweater with Drawstring Hem and Rubber Print (Light Khaki)Cropped Polo Sweater with Drawstring Hem and Rubber Print (Powder Blue/Light Khaki)
High Waist Basic Knitted Shorts With Adjustable Straps (Powder Blue/Light Khaki)

Here’s a long-sleeved alternative: our Cropped Polo Sweater. The waffle knit material is perfect for both air-conditioned indoor locations and cooler days. You can style it with its own matching shorts

3. Coordinated Tweed Set

Nothing gets a more classic fashion treatment than tweed. Brought to fame by the Parisian fashion house, Chanel, tweed is now synonymous with luxury and class. Tweed matching sets often include an outerwear and a bottom, usually a skirt. It is a wardrobe must-have for all those who seek an elegant and timeless outfit.

Credits: Koreaboo
 Credits: Vogue UK

The tweed jacket and skirt set is perfect for cooler temperatures, maintaining its sense of elegance while giving its wearer comfortable mobility. You can wear the set in monochromatic colours – jacket, inner top and skirt – or switch out the inner top for an athleisure bra for a more relaxed fit. As for footwear, opt for dressier options such as heels, boots and loafers.

Raw Hem Plaid Tweed Mini Skort

Our Tweed Skort comes in a muted beigey pink colour, perfect for those light academia vibes.

4. Sweater Vest

Part of the all year round fashion trends since as early as 2019, it is safe to say that the sweater vest is here to stay as a staple in the streets. For humid climates, its sleeveless nature makes wearing wool or other knitted materials acceptable and on top of that, sweater vests come in all sorts of designs imaginable. You are sure to find one that matches your taste.

Credits: Pinterest
Credits: UK Style Yahoo

You can choose to style a sweater vest by layering a white tee or a white long sleeved dress shirt under the sweater vest, or simply wear the sweater vest as it is. As for bottoms, almost anything goes. 

Knitted V Neck Vest With Contrast Colour Neck
Knitted V Neck Vest With Rays of Light Slogan (Lilac)
Checkered Pattern Contrast Trim Sweater Vest
Checkered Pattern Contrast Trim Sweater Vest with Heart and Ribbon Prints

There’s a wide array of sweater vests to choose from! There are sweater vests with cute prints to neutral coloured plain ones. You can also opt for button up vests as well, for that extra vintage style. Simply throw any on to elevate your casual outfit. 

5. Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

If you’re looking for clothing that is not cut from the same cloth , the asymmetrical hem skirt is for you. Gone are the days of the circa 2010 high low skirt hems that made nearly everyone look off-centered, and in are the updated asymmetric hems: often meaning that the skirt hems are cut in more variations instead of a high-low manner. 

Credits: Farfetch
Credits: Farfetch

These skirts are often found in denim, which now spices up a basic tee and denim skirt combo. As with the pros of denim, these skirts can be worn dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories.

Chain Detail Asymmetrical Hem Skirt
High Waist Ripped Slit Asymmetrical Hem Denim Skirt

Our Asymmetrical Hem Denim Skirt also has a unique wrapped closure around the hips (which is already sewn into place for hassle free dressing). Looking for black? Check out our Chain Detail Asymmetrical Hem Skirt which comes with a chain belt accessory for an edgier look.


At YISHION, we’ve got you covered for all the hottest fall trends. 
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