Styling Pastel 4 Ways For Summer

Brighten your wardrobe with peachy pinks and baby blues this summer as we explore the beauty of pastels! Match the heat with pops of colour! Read on to find out how to incorporate these unique colours into your own wardrobe with 4 tried and true styling formulas.


1. Neutral Hues

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Styling pastels may seem daunting at first, so the best way to start is to style them with neutral colours like black, white or grey. It allows the pastel piece to stand out, while also giving off a casual vibe and tone and not being too overpowering.

Pastel companions you can find from us:


Cropped Short Sleeve Polo T-shirt with Front Zipper (Heather Gray)
Wide Leg Knit Joggers with Stripe Side Panel
Cropped Longsleeve Tie Front Crochet Cardigan (Off-white)
Mesh Flatknit Vest (Light Beige)


Don’t fear, as YISHION has countless options of neutral pieces for you to choose from, so you can always start here!


2. Monochrome

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Monochromatic styling offers a harmonious yet chic look to a normally plain outfit, and adds a bit of fun to your everyday style. Since pastel colour palettes are more toned down compared to other colours, you won’t have to worry about standing out too much.

Short Sleeve Regular Fit with V Line Design (Pink)
TEEBOX - Oversized Short Sleeve Loose Women T-Shirt with TEBX Logo and Dragon Calligraphy Print (Pale Yellow)

High Waist Straight Leg Woven Trousers with Contrasting Colour (Rose Pink)
High Waist Regular Fit Woven Trousers (Dark Khaki Beige)


Find your own monochromatic look with YISHION’s many selections of colours – where simplicity meets sophistication in every hue.


3. Bright Hues


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If you want to make a statement, then this is how you should do it. While matching pastel colours with bold bright hues may not seem like a very fashionable choice, they actually complement each other very well and create a good balance between soft and vibrant shades.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt with Pop Up Strawberry and "BERRIES" Print (Rose Pink)
Short Sleeve Regular Fit with V Line Design (Yellow)
Short Sleeve Regular T-shirt with Rabbit Logo (Light Blue)
Short Sleeve Loose Fit T-Shirt with Rabbit and "SPECIFICATION NO 1997" Print (Blue)


Infuse your wardrobe with YISHION with a burst of energy and radiance, and embrace the bold allure of bright colours for a standout style statement.


4. Mix and Match

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Explore the playful side of pastel combinations and elevate your style with a refreshing palette that's both chic and effortlessly elegant. Whether you're layering textures or contrasting silhouettes, pastels offer endless possibilities of style choices.

Cropped Woven Blouse with Ruffle Sleeves (Powder Blue)
TEEBOX - Short Sleeve Loose Tie Dye T-Shirt with "LOVE" Print (Pink)
Short Sleeve Drop Shoulder T-Shirt "GLISTENING" Print (Powder Blue)
Cropped T-Shirt with Contrast Binding Collar and "REBIRTH' Print (Khaki Beige)


Dive into a world of pastels with YISHION as you explore our endless selection of dreamy yet sophisticated pieces. Summer's just getting started and so are our summer collections! If you're a fan of pastels and colours, keep an eye out for more fresh launches from us this season ;)


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