How to Dress Like Each of Your Favourite Friends Character

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Yes, it’s 2021 but everyone’s favourite ‘90s sitcom is still in. Aside from blessing us with serious meme-able moments, Friends has also been serving up some iconic looks. Fashion trends have always been cyclical and these '90s pieces never seemed more relevant than in 2021. Think crop topsknitwear, and normcore denim, which are still inspiring our wardrobe choices to this day.

So, if you're looking for yet another sign to binge-watch all 10 seasons of Friends once again, this is it. Our residential writer here at YISHION has seen every episode (not once, but four times) and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. Let’s see how you can take inspiration from these Friends characters!



1. Joey Tribianni

GIF Credit: Fashura

How you doin’?

With heartthrob Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) good looks and charming personality, he didn’t have to try so hard (wardrobe-wise) to impress the ladies. While he's not filming, the Days of Our Lives star seems to prefer a more laid-back weekend kind of look, and he nails it. One of our personal favourites is this particular look from the first season (The One Where Rachel Finds Out). In this look, Joey simply looks dashing in just a plain black tee, tucked neatly into a pair of basic denim jeans.

Image Credit: IMBD

Generally, the up-and-coming actor wore lots of plain sweatshirts, loose jeans, and button-down shirts layered over plain tees. To modernize Joey's look, go for a pair of skinny jeans instead. Throw on a leather jacket to really amp up that 'fit.


(L) TEEBOX - Oversized Short Sleeve Basic T-Shirt with "AWG" Logo (Black)
(R) Basic Low Waist Men Skinny Jeans


2. Chandler Bing

Image Credit: Financial Times 

Oh. My. God.

We might have a reason why Janice finds Bing-a-ling so attractive, because he's our favourite too! While Chandler's (Matthew Perry) inclination for bowling shirts, vests, and backward baseball caps screams “DAD” (Dad’s can be stylish too), he’s still arguably the most fashionable one out of the 3 guys.

Chandler (Muriel) Bing seems to have found a good balance between Joey's dressed-down vibes and Ross's adventurous styling. Although you can also see him donning basics like Joey, Chandler also leans towards a get-up more fitting of his profession i.e. button-ups and proper tailored pants (ahem, Joey's tailor incident). However, he seems to pull it off without looking like a stereotypical "dweeb" given that he's in... Oh, that’s right, he’s in Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration.

Image Credits: @typicalben

Oversized "FIGURE SKATER" Button Up Shirt
Oversized "FIGURE SKATER" Button Up Shirt

Chandler also doesn’t shy away from oversized fits. Pair this shirt as an outerwear like our model or wear it as a shirt itself like @typicalben. This versatile piece of clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe!



3. Ross Geller

Photo Credits: Vulture

Ross (David Schwimmer) was not the best dressed out of all of the Friends. His favourite "Frankie Say Relax" shirt was also nooot it. The paleontologist professor really fitted the stereotype of the boring intellectual - blazers and (bleurgh) colourful ties. Thankfully (or not?) he's more adventurous outside of work - women sweater, leather pants, flat cap, Ross tried it all.

Photo Credits: Buzzfeed

Throughout the sitcom, it quickly becomes clear that Ross loves his sweater. Who doesn't? Sweaters are cozy and comfy! He has one in seemingly every single color (remember the red sweater) and style. While the sweaters are usually plain, Ross manages to pull them off well.

 Oversized Sweatshirt with "GTBOX" Slogan

Oversized Sweatshirt with "GTBOX" Slogan

Try on this comfy sweater with YISHION’s graffiti slogan. Perfect for the rainy season, it’s a great alternative to Ross’s sweater style.



4. Rachel Green

Photo Credits: InStyle

This outfit is the epitome of Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). Other than being the trendsetter for the Rachel-haircut, Rachel is also a trend-setter when it comes to fashion. I mean, she is supposed to have a career in fashion. Rachel’s definition of style is “classy elegance” - she rarely wears loud patterns (unlike Janice). 

High Waisted Mini-Check Pleated Skirt

Her most classic look is easily achievable with a high-waisted plaid skirt (that’s all the rage these days) and a simple plain turtleneck. Throw on a Rachel-esque high ponytail like @triciaxlee too! However, a crew neck might be more suited for Singapore’s weather instead. 

Long Sleeve "DELICATE" Cropped Top (R. White)
(R) Slim Fit Cropped T-Shirt with Slogan Tag (White)

Here are some Singapore-weather friendly alternatives! Throw these on and accessorize your final look with some ‘90s scrunchies and knee-high socks and you’re good to go.



5. Monica Geller

Photo Credit: Elle Australia

Undoubtedly the more fashionable one out of the Geller siblings - Monica (Courteney Cox) is a trendsetter for the normcore aesthetic.

Normcore Aesthetic - “A trend characterized by unpretentious, average-looking clothing", basically encapsulates Monica's look to a tee. Monica takes her basics seriously and wears them well. The reason why Monica's style is so classic is because of how many basic, simple items she wore. All the 'fits above are still relevant af today.  



@LindsayVoitton got Monica’s look spot on with our cropped top and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans - perfect for Sunday Brunch with the girls. Monica knew the power of a crisp white shirt!

Ribbed Cropped Top (White)
Basic Mom Jeans

Here's our take on this look. This basic ribbed cropped top would look perfect paired with any high-rise jeans and a pair of white sneakers. We can totally see Monica pulling this off with ease.



6. Phoebe Buffay  


Photo Credits: InStyle

Our dear Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (Lisa Kudrow) is the quirkiest one in the group and her fashion choices definitely reflect that. Her bubbly and fun personality shined through in her colorful outfits and bold, oversized accessories - and we love her for it!

The masseuse really loved anything loud, and her style is complemented well with her tall and slender figure. Though, we have to say that her fashion choices are seemingly more normal in the earlier seasons! While the other more hippie styles might not be to everyone’s tastes, we loved this pink number she wore to impress her husband.

Plaid Sleeveless Cami Dress

Plaid Sleeveless Cami Dress


It may not be as bright and pink, but it is still a fun dress to wear and we love the plaid design! It's great for those who those who wants to be lowkey while looking good. Throw on a denim jacket for your day look and switch up the accessories for your night-out about town! This dress is surely a good addition to your wardrobe and great for any occasion.

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